Want to help? These textbooks will work best with sharing.

Part of the cost of a traditional, proprietary textbook is paid out to writers and editors who create the supplementary materials that go with the book: PowerPoint slides, discussion questions, assignment sheets, and other tips that help smooth the way for first-time teachers or those just getting started with a text. To make this book function just as well, we need the community’s help!

There are two major steps to sharing a resource for this book.

Step One:

Make sure your work is licensed with a Creative Commons license, which allows others to use it (and us to publish it) without paying a fee or asking permission. Please do not share materials here that were created by someone else unless you have found a CC license on those materials!

You can use the Creative Commons license generator to place the right license on your work.

Step Two:

Upload your file here. Any file format will be fine, but naming the file is important. Make sure it is labeled with your name (last or first-last), the type of license it’s under, and a descriptive phrase about the resource. If Jessa Jones uploaded a Microsoft Word file that she’s releasing under a Creative Commons-Attribution (CC-BY) license with an essay assignment prompt, for instance, it would look like: jones-by-essayprompt.docx.

Wherever possible, works provided will be converted into open software formats (i.e., Word documents converted to RichTextFormat files) to maximize the ways to access them.

Where can I access uploaded files and resources?

Excellent question! The library of provided assignments will be available from this website starting in September 2017. If you need a resource before then, please reach out: