As part of the Open Oregon Special Projects Grant cohort in 2015-2016, we seek to create an easily accessible resource for entry-level writing instructors to share, combine, and use open educational resources in their classes.

This proposal seeks to bring together front-line English instructors to create a usable, and scalable, collection of currently in-use Oregon Writing Open Educational Resources (OWOER) for first- and developmental-level composition courses while also supporting collaboration between institutions to fill in gaps.

The project supported three phases:

In phase one, the OWOER coordinator collected current outcomes for Writing 121-equivalent courses, then published these outcomes into an easily accessible web site.

Please see our Current Outcomes page for more information.

In phase two, faculty and directors in each writing department, along with librarians statewide, were contacted about current use and interest. From this list, a database has been built of interested faculty, and great information was compiled on current resources, needs, and trends in OER writing texts throughout the state.

In phase three, the OWOER coordinator and several involved/interested representatives from these institutions met in the OWOER conference at Linn-Benton Community College to discuss the potential resources. These resources have now been collected and are being edited into a textbook, the progress of which is available on this web site.

Please see the Conference page for more details and for a list of resources discussed.

In addition, a faculty guide has been developed to aid in adoption of the textbook. Visit that site here.

This project doesn’t have a specific savings goal; rather, it lays the groundwork for writing instructors to easily adopt OER for writing courses in the future.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us today.

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